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gnizing the need for high quality residential and commercial development projects in under developed urban communities, J. Duke Construction, LLC announces the formation of J. Duke Land Development, LLC.   J. Duke Land Development, LLC targets affordable housing and commercial developments projects in urban neighborhoods that are rich in land but heavily under developed. Our owner James Duke formed the company in March 2012. James has been a resident of Miami Dade County for ten years and attends a local church in Broward county where he is currently developing a 5 acre project for the New Mount Olive Baptist Church.  while comuting between Broward and Dade counties, James noticed numerous prime real estate opportunities in predominantly low income areas that were close to thriving downtowns or within close proximity to major highway access and adjoining retail space. Although there have been some development movement in these areas, most of the development does not address the real needs of these neighborhoods; they do not they offer a  smooth transition between the more affluent and less affluent developments. When this happens, the less affluent areas are not able to attract the type of sustainable residences and businesses that helps to revitalize these neighborhoods. We aim to change this.

With over twenty six years of diverse construction experience and six years of commercial development experience, James brings a unique set of skills to the development arena. Having this diversity of experience enables us to better understand the cost associated with various development projects in real time. Because we are licensed general contractors and underground  excavation contractors, we are better able to understand  environmental and infrastructure impacts proposed developments have and use our expertise to mitigate these anticipated impacts. Also, we understand the numerous land use codes and municipal building codes which enables us to approach a proposed development intelligently.
We also understand the importance of timing, good communication, and positive collaboration with local municipal agency's. Without such collaboration no project can be successfully built.

It is the mission of J. Duke Land Development, LLC to bring new, exciting, and life transforming projects to urban neighborhoods in Broward and Miami-Dade counties and help transform these communities into becoming thriving communities that will promote economic growth and enhance the quality of life of the residents who reside there. If you are an investor or owner of under utilized real estate and are contemplating a redevelopment project in these target areas and need an experience developer to help you bring your projects to fruition please consider J. Duke Land Development, LLC for your next project.