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J. Duke Construction is committed to running a safe and reputable operation. We believe that we owe it to the families of our workers to return their loved ones home to them safely at the end of each day. And because of this commitment, it is our company policy to qualify the safety risk involved with each project prior to breaking ground. Once we have identified the possible safety risk involved with building a project, the following processes are performed to ensure the safety of our workers: 
  • Identify all identifiable underground utilities
  • Develop a site specific safety manual
  • Develop and maintain a site specific MSDS manual
  • Provide each worker with the required safety equipment and gear
  • Educate each worker on the use of his or her safety equipment
  • Perform daily jobsite hazard analysis
  • Perform daily safety tool box analysis
  • New employee safety orientation


In addition to our safety policy, we have also adopted a strict Alcohol and Drug Abuse policy that must be strictly adhered to by all employees of J. Duke Construction and hired subcontractors